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THIRD CIRCULAR (October 05, 2017)

We finally complete the presentation list of the 5th International Entomophagous Insects Conference, to be held in Kyoto, Japan, from Monday 16 until Friday 20 October 2017. We look forward to meeting in Kyoto anyone with a keen interest in entomophagous insects.

Presentation Lists

Oral and poster presentation lists are now available at

Instructions for Oral Presentations

For each oral presentation, there will be a 15 min time slot including discussion. The session organizers will be asked to ensure that presentations keep strictly to time in order to allow sufficient time for discussion.
A Microsoft Windows computer will be used to project the PowerPoint and/or PDF presentations. It will not be possible to use your own computer. The computer will be equipped with Windows 10 and Office 2016. Prior to your presentation, at least one day before, submit your file at . Only .ppt, pptx, .pdf and .zip will be accepted. If you prefer using movies in your presentations, all files should be zipped in the single ZIP format.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

The dimension of each poster panel is 90cm in width and 160cm in height. You can use all of this space. Posters will be putted on the board with pins. The pins will be supplied by the organizer.
Posters will have an individual ID Number and the boards will be numbered accordingly. Poster session will be held on Tuesday and Thursday. For Tuesday presentations, authors can be on display after 16:00 on Monday, and remove them by Wednesday lunch time. For Thursday presentations, posters can be placed from afternoon on Wednesday and should be removed just after the poster session. If posters remained, the organizers will discard them.

Student Awards

We prepare student awards for the best presentations on each of oral and poster presentations.

Congress Banquet

Congress banquet will be held on 18 October. If you prefer vegetarian or Muslim menu, please mail to by October 6.


The conference excursion will not be organized, because many of oral presentations have been applied so that we have no room to conduct it. If you go elsewhere personally, the following site can help you.

Conference venue

In Kyoto, the conference venue will be "Miyakomesse", which is located in Okazaki Koen Park at Higashiyama area with a lot of cultural and historical points. You can visit Heian Jingu Shrine, City Zoo, and Museums within 5 minutes' walk. We are sorry that we do not prepare any transportation service from any airports and stations. Any information on how to get to Kyoto
can be found at:
For the conference venue area, Okazaki, the following site is more informative.